This photograph was taken by Holly Wilson, who has taken some amazing photos of us. I particularly like the sputnik retro feel of this one. From left to right are Bad Jazz: Ben Salomon, Bryan Day and Tania Chen. 

We were playing at Studio Grand in Oakland, California in September last year. It was a night where Ben and Bryan ate 3 doughnuts and 2 ice creams between them and while standing outside waiting to go on, we decided to play bad jazz that night. The name stuck.

Ben Salomon plays percussion and drums in some rock bands and makes instruments. I particularly like his amplified cigar box device, which he's playing in the centre in the photo below. The instrument is extremely flexible with lots of possibilities, but takes up as much room as a book.

Below is a close up of the Cigar Box instrument with Beer Can speaker. (The two can be purchased on Ben's website.)

Bryan Day is an instrument inventor - perhaps I could describe him as a sonic constructivist -  his inventions (see photo below) are creative manipulations of every day matter and the man-made. The range of sounds are extraordinary and other-worldly, sounds that fall apart and collide in tension. His website is here. His works are on display for the whole of January 2015 at the San Francisco Center for New Music.  

Bad Jazz opened Bryan's solo show with a first night opening performance at SF Center for New Music. 

That night I brought along my large "professional" stylophone and a few other knick knacks which you'll probably be able to see in the photos. 

We have some EXCITING future plans in March, to be announced nearer the time!

Link here to the Bad Jazz Facebook page

Tania Chen