Part 1: The Bands I Play IN: "Les Trois Chapeaux"

This is a little introduction to the little experimental improv band "Les Trois Chapeaux" that I play in with James Jaroba (sax, amplified objects) and Kevin Corcoran (drums & percussion). 

The video here is our 26 minute performance that took place in the middle of January 2015 on a very warm sunny day in Berkeley, California at the Captain Beefheart Festival at Berkeley Arts Festival.

Jaroba and I both like Andrew Poppy's music, as well as Kraftwerk, and we're often talking about music ideas driving over the Bay Bridge on our way back home from a performance. Kevin and I share contemplations about food.

As a band we have a lightness of touch so we can flow freely through things we'd like to explore at the time. We reflect on the genius of Jean Luc-Godard, experimental film,  Japanese minimal deconstructed pop, 80's new wave and our wanderlust. Jaroba wants to go to Scotland, I want to go to Copenhagen, Kevin wants to go anywhere in Asia. 

Tania Chen