John Cage Indeterminacy Tour 2014: At Birmingham CBSO Hall

Early on in March we played at CBSO Hall - the residence of the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra.


This building is in nestled on a road in a historical area that has been regenerated so it is a combination of old lamp posts and warehouses and some new buildings, a few of which are a little grotesque. There was an icicle monster building which I'm trying to find in my photostream to put up. 


Pre sound check meeting, working out our set up logistics, who will play first, us or Conspirators of Pleasure, how many tables we need, number of microphones. Steve, Stewart and I decided to go second, we stayed with this order for the rest of our tour. We chose blue lights set one, and we had red lights for set two.

Tonight we had brilliant microphones and acoustics which picked up everything super clear even the tiniest sounds. My own favourite moment was my hovering fan moving towards and away from the microphone which sounded ethereal tonight rather than menacing or just plain annoying. 

We did one hour each, so good to do a long set and extend and try out some new ideas.

Dinner tonight was at the Ikon Gallery restaurant, I had fish and chips and mushy peas. 

Tania Chen