Relâche?? An Evening of deeply Unexpected Events

I imagined something like this as something I'd only read about in a book about the music scene in NYC in the early 60s.

Our most recent Miss Havisham presents music soirée, on Easter Sunday evening 31 March 2013, began with an unexpected prelude...

On arriving early at our regular venue, Old Cholmeley Boys Club, whose decadent interior inspired our name, we discovered we were LOCKED out! The venue owner had forgotten that we were scheduled to play and when we called him, he asked us to solve the problem by gaining entry by climbing over the 8ft rusty gate into a small alley way behind which was an overgrown garden and dumping ground for bins and building materials. Climbing over the gate and clambering over the detritus beyond may have led to a trip to the hospital for a tetanus injection.

We had to come up with a fast solution because our concert was starting in 2 hours time. To cancel or not to cancel?
A brainwave occured to Steve Beresford, who jointly curates Miss H with me, he asked Cafe Oto if we could play at theirs in approx 2hrs time, and they answered: YES! They had no one playing so were happy to have us.

We pinned some quickly written change of venue posters on the doors of Cholmeley and walked round the corner to set up our concert at Cafe Oto instead. Of course we love the fin de siècle other worldliness of Cholmeley, however, for me, the lovely piano at Cafe Oto felt most comparable to a flight upgrade this evening.

To be continued

Tania Chen