John Cage's Indeterminacy at the Barbican

Last night Stewart Lee, Steve Beresford and I played Indeterminacy at the Barbican Theatre in a show called Cabaret Duchamp.

In the same show we saw Martin Creed's choreographed dance and video piece, I had a chat with him about the piece afterwards at the after show party, I met Margaret Leng Tan, and saw the intriguing Dog Kennel Hill Project perform.

The stage was enormous and the piano beautiful to play on. We played for 10 minutes. Last night I had the thought that I was connecting sounds that were like segments of DNA. A shorter version (our shortest) like last night's Indeterminacy made me feel that I needed to connect more sounds in a tighter DNA chain flowing one after another in close succession, for example, in a 3 minute segment: the bolt preparation gong sound & piano notes, using a fan on strings and using the walking distance to twirl a plastic sound pipe on my walk away from the piano back to my table of toys and found objects.

Now we need to find out how a big expansive version, say 90 minutes, would feel...

The audience was a full house. All the people who worked at the Barbican were lovely.

We were interviewed by BBC Radio 4 for the Today Show on the morning of Friday 15th March ( I think we are talking some time between 6am - 9am).

Toy of the evening was my John Lewis tin melody maker which has a handle you rotate to make a repetitive melodic pattern. I bought two: they remind me of minimalism and 70s psychedelia. Spectrally spectacular and cost me less than a bag of chips.

Discovery of the evening: my new amp for £8.

Food discovery of the day: The food stalls on Whitecross St a minute away from the Barbican Centre and the noodle shop and manicure shop disguised as a tattoo parlour at the St Lukes Church end of Whitecross St.

Tania Chen